Executive Coaching

Focus is key to professional accomplishment. 

We work with high potentials who want to advance their careers to new heights, enrich their leadership style and create significant impact within their organization.

The executive coaching process involves 4 key phases


Phase 1. Assessment

Since coaching takes place in an organizational context, this information gathering phase is customized, taking into account the needs of the individual and the norms and culture of the organization. This information forms the basis of a sound developmental action plan.

Phase 2. Goal Setting

Coaching is driven by specific goals agreed upon by all members of the coaching partnership. These goals focus on achievements and changes necessary to reach peak performance within the individuals role in the organization. Initial goals are established when coaching begins and refined as coaching progresses. Goals are measured both quantitatively and qualitatively and documented in a Professional Development Plan

Phase 3. Coaching

The practical activity of coaching is based on principles of adult learning: awareness, action, and reflection. Using data from the assessment phase, the coach engages the individual in discussion and activities designed to:

  • Enhance self-awareness of the implications of typical behaviors
  • Learn skills, build competencies, change behaviors, and achieve results

A wide array of assessment tools and activities are utilized including testing, rehearsal and role-plays, videotaping, supportive confrontation, relevant reading, mentoring opportunities, and developmental work assignments.

Phase 4. Transitioning to Long-Term Development

Upon completion of coaching sessions, joint preparation of a long-term development plan is critical to the continued success of the coaching results. This plan identifies future areas of focus and action steps and is often handed off to the individual’s manager or stakeholder for monitoring of future progress. The long-term plan can then be incorporated into the individual’s regular review process.

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