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Realize your strengths, interests and style through testing


You may be asking yourself “what are my career goals” or “how do I get more satisfaction from my work?” My Phases of Career Planning will guide you through a process that has helped thousands attain a satisfying and successful career life.

Career Coaching


Focus is key to professional accomplishment. We work with high potentials who want to advance their careers to new heights, enrich their leadership style and create significant impact within their organization.

Executive Coaching


Whether you are a senior executive, an entrepreneur or an employee, Personal branding is the difference between an ordinary career or business and an exceptional one. It’s a process of clarifying and communicating “the unique brand that is you”.

Personal Branding


Knowing your personality style, skills and competencies, strengths, leadership style, interests and unique “brand” can be some of the most insightful experiences you can have professionally and personally. Bring focus and confidence to your professional decision-making.


Ready to Reach Your Professional Peak?


  • "I regard Jane McHale as one of the leaders in the Boston area in Career Development. Every time anyone spoke of the latest trends in careers, hot topics or wanted to learn about best practices, Jane's name was mentioned."

    Senior Vice President - HR Services

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